Sebago-Presumpscot Anthropology Project

Studying the relationships of this lake and river with their human communities through time

Time and water flow, and we all live downstream of the consequences

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SPAP Reports for Considerations of Lakes Region Matters
SPAP Report No.W-3
Dreams? No – some of the reality of Camp!

The only Historic Period item in the Mira L Dolley Collection, given to MSM in 1981.

...mostly dated well before Pharaoh Cheops’ Great Pyramid of Egypt...

king's mark
Before the masts could hold the sails,
The oxen had to haul the trees—and no easy task it was to do so.

gulf of maine
This is about accuracy of group-identifications, not about political correctness.
Some Native Americans might scoff at any Euramerican attempts to identify them . . .

Raymond map
In 1869, the results of a state-wide survey ordered by Maine's Governor Joshua Chamberlain
(of epic Civil War fame) were published at Augusta . . .

Jantzen's diving girl logo
Tribal Costume   |   Sebago-Style   |   Back When
Jantzen's Diving Girl logo shown left courtesy of Jantzen Inc. This is their first Diving Girl created in 1920.

shallop: open, row-&-sail, workboats
...the ultimate insult...added to the injuries....
...Native Americans were totally vulnerable....
...even before the Wabanaki peoples were pulled or pushed . . .

sailing ship
"The Countrey of Mawooshen" behind the Maine coast . . .
In The Length and Breadth of Maine, Stanley B. Attwood lists fourteen "drainage districts" for the state
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